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MoveOn Activists Celebrate Victory in Debt Ceiling Battle

(Photo by Sean Zanni/Getty Images for MoveOn)

After months of MAGA Republicans’ holding our economy hostage, the Biden administration and Congress have finally reached a deal to raise the debt ceiling, prevent a national default, and preserve critical federal programs. The budget deal that President Biden secured isn’t perfect, but it protects jobs, veterans’ benefits, historic climate change investments enacted in 2022, and lifesaving health care benefits, while mostly preserving the social safety net.

Together, MoveOn members’ activism stopped Republicans in Congress from dragging all of us into a catastrophic default and prevented MAGA Republicans from gutting the social and economic progress MoveOn members have fought for over the last two years. We turned up the pressure on vulnerable House Republicans in swing districts through rallies, floods of calls to their office phone lines, and ads calling out their complicity in upholding the MAGA agenda. Together, we stopped the long-held Republican goal of gutting and privatizing Social Security and Medicare. 

The fight for an America where everyone can thrive is far from over–join us on our upcoming monthly volunteer network call and find out how you can plug into this work!

We need to take action now more than ever. Every conversation you have with your neighbors, every rally you participate in, and every call to Congress that you make is essential to combating extremist MAGA ideology in 2024. Vulnerable Republicans in Congress are counting on our apathy so they can sail on to another term. We—and the tens of millions of Americans who House Republicans betrayed by voting in lock-step for an extreme, rightwing budget in April—won’t forget in 2024.

We won’t forget how, for months, MAGA Republicans manufactured a crisis using our livelihoods and social safety net as bargaining chips to enrich their corporate backers while risking tanking our economy. MoveOn members will make sure voters won’t forget MAGA Republican efforts to gut the progress we’ve fought for and create real political consequences for them at the polls in 2024.